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Hurricount - educational board game.
HurriCount is an exciting board game for children from 5 years old. Learning to count, add and compare numbers at the speed of light has never been easier!
HurriCount teaches kids quick, mental counting ability and the ability to quickly evaluate an amount without counting "on fingers".
Age:  5+
Subject:  comparison of numbers , mathematics
Game type:  arithmetics, reaction
Number of players: 2 - 5
Playing time:  15 min
Dimensions: 15x9x2cm
Languages: English, Chinese

Easy rules

The one who counts the hedgehogs and birds first, yells “Got it” and collects the cards! This beautifully illustrated game has compact packaging and it is a great solution for mastering the basics of mathematics.

Fun for everybody!

HurriCount will help preschoolers learn to count and compare numbers in the context of an exciting game. School students will develop and consolidate these skills. The difficulty levels of HurriCount are easy to change by removing or adding cards of a higher difficulty level. If you don’t want your kids to learn to count faster than yourself, then join the fun! Adults enjoy playing HurriCount just as much. This game is a perfect way to have quality time with your kids.

Play and get smarter

HurriCount can be played in a relaxed environment, so you won’t have to convince your child to sit at the table and do the worksheets to practice arithmetics! Not only will your children learn how to count, they will instantly learn to define the number of objects on a card, which definitely puts this method of learning apart from rote-learning. Making sums within ten can easily become a second nature for your child. HurriCount is a great supplement for developing your child’s attention, logic, thinking speed and reaction time.

Hurricount conforms with CE certification, our games are safe for kids!

Rules of the Game - HurriCount

How to Set up

The game contains two decks of cards – one deck with animals (birds, hedgehogs and frogs), and one deck with conditions (e.g., frogs > 3). Shuffle each deck.

Divide all the animal cards among the players. Each player places a set of animal cards in front of him, stacked face down.

Place the first condition card in the middle of the table.

How to Play

Players take turns opening the top cards in their decks. Each new card is placed on top of the previously opened card, covering it. Only the top open card is relevant for the purpose of the game.

Each player tries to be the fastest one to notice whether, after someone’s turn, the opened cards meet the condition on the condition card, cover the condition card with his palm, and yell “GOT IT!” Decision on whether the condition is met must consider all the open cards on the table. For example, in a game with two players, if one player has a card with 2 hedgehogs open, and the second player opens a card with 4 hedgehogs, there are now 6 hedgehogs on the table.

The player who covers the condition card first takes all the open piles of cards (his own and those of the other players) and places them at the bottom of his deck. If a player covers the condition card mistakenly (or even touches it), he must give one card from his deck to each of the other players. If there are four or more players, then the player who made a mistake only has to give his cards to his neighbors to the right and left.

Every time someone wins a round and takes the open cards, a new condition card is opened and the used condition card is taken out for the rest of this game.

If a player runs out of cards, he is out of the game. His open pile stays in the game until it is claimed by the player who wins the round.

How to Win

The game is over if:

  • All players except one run out of cards
  • All condition cards have been played – in that case, all players count their cards and the player with the most cards is the winner

For a shorter game, take out some of the condition cards out of the game pile prior to start of game.

Types of Condition Cards

The condition cards have three types of conditions on them:

1. Exact quantity.

If any of the three animals, together across all the open cards, matches the number on the condition card – be the first to cover it!

2. Comparison to a number.

In this case, the condition refers to only one type of animal.

3. Comparison amongst two animals.

This compares the total number of one type of animal to the total number of another type of animal on all open cards.

If one type of animals is entirely absent from all open cards, it means that there is zero of that type of animal, and thus less than every other type of animal. The example in the picture below meets the condition “birds less than 1” because there are zero birds.

How to Play with Younger Children

One option is not to play for speed but give younger children a chance to think longer. In this case, only the player who opens the last card can yell “GOT IT!” If the player who opens the card doesn’t notice that the condition is met, the cards stay in place and the turn moves to the next player.

You also will notice that all animal and condition cards are marked with either one, two or three dots, indicating a level of difficulty of playing with them. A second option for younger kids is to start playing with only the simple cards, marked with one dot.

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